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What's the buzz about?

Garcinia Cambogia, a tiny pumpkin shaped fruit grown in Southeast Asia and India, has everyone talking, and for good reason and cause. Also called Garcinia gummi-gutte, Pazham Puzhi, Gambooge and Bitter Kola has been traditionally used to add a sour flavor to meals, but has now become popular for its effects on weight loss..

It has also been used in traditional medicinal practices for generations in some cultures, particularly in the eastern half of the world. The benefits in body fat reduction and many amazing transformation stories are something that cannot be ignored.

Recently, scientists have discovered after their clinical studies that those who consume Garcinia Cambogia fruit are among some of the healthiest people around!

How much could one lose?

Everyone is different, however the exact amount of weight loss shouldn"t be the only deciding factor. Losing fat should be the goal of any diet.

Here is what just 5 lbs of fat looks like: